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Collective Tool Box


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Collective Tool Box



Join us Saturday, April 8th thru Thursday, May 4th at The Drugstore for Collective Toolbox, a month-long exhibition and series of workshops centered on craft processes, profit-free material exchange, and the sharing of personal histories. Collective Toolbox will culminate in a potluck closing and a talk by the curator and organizer Olivia Clanton (BFA 2017 Fiber + Social Practice).

Collective Toolbox presents weekly workshops, a library space for drop-in material exchange and open-ended group fort building exercises lead by young adults. Exhibiting artworks by the educators leading programming and featuring works made by participants of the programs. 

Modeled after theories of bottom-up super organisms such as ant colonies and the critical pedagogy social movement. Collective Toolbox examines how artists, educators and individuals can teach one another creative techniques that evoke critical consciousness, autonomy and togetherness. 

Collective Toolbox approaches intergenerational group learning and the exchange of resources modeled after the education methods of Augusto Boal, Paulo Freire, and the self-maintaining living system theory by biologist Humberto Maturana. 


Collective Toolbox Schedule:

Part 1 (details in Facebook Event)

April 8th: 1-5pm / Opening & 1st Workshop
April 9th: 1-5pm / 2nd Workshop
April 15th: 1-5pm / 3rd Workshop

Part 2 (details in Facebook Event):

April 22nd: 1-5pm / 4th Workshop
April 23rd: 1-5pm / 5th Workshop
April 29th: 1-5pm / 6th Workshop

Closing (details in Facebook Event)

May 4th: 6-7pm / Closing


Olivia Clanton is an artist, facilitator, and educator based in Kansas City. Clanton is a 2017 BFA candidate in Fiber and emphasis on socially engaged art practices at the Kansas City Art Institute. Clanton grew up in Argentina, where she ran the spotlight for her parents co-directed play performed in various community centers. Inspired by the critical pedagogy movement and biologist Humberto Maturana, her practice centers on creating spaces of engagement that examine and address broader issues of disconnection between people through craft, learning, play and humor. In 2016, she founded the Extraordinary Material Exchange (EME) and is currently working on developing the program in Kansas City. The EME is a space for artistic, intellectual and practical exchange for individuals and institutions committed to empowering the Kansas City community through art and craft. Inspired by the city of New York’s’ MFTA, the EME offers reclaimed, unused materials through trade, providing access to materials for art making as well as skill and intellectual exchange.