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    Since graduating from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Set Design in 2003, Emily has been designing sets and painting scenery for theatre companies throughout Kansas City. Apart from the theatre, Emily also applies her skill with large format painting to create commissioned murals for both public and private clients. She has recently started a new series of original oil on canvas paintings exploring themes of transformation and renewal. After working with latex and acrylic paints in the theatre for so long, the fluidity of oils has rejuvenated her creativity.

    "I make art to communicate an unspoken language that tells the truth about my personal journey through life. My oil paintings are a reflection of the human struggle to find value, acceptance, faith, and hope.”


    Patricia Bordallo Dibildox is a Mexican-born artist based in Kansas City, MO. Bordallo Dibildox is a leading member of the Artists of Color Alliance (KC), a partner of Sight Review (NYC), and was the recipient of a 2015 Charlotte Street Foundation Rocket Grant as managing editor of Informality Blog (KC).

    She works at the School for Continuing + Professional Studies at the Kansas City Art Institute as Program Assistant as well as Digital Brand Manager and Marketing at Sex + Ice Cream (KC).


    Sarabeth Dunton received her BFA in painting at the University of Michigan in 2006. Her current practice emphasizes drawing as a mode of experience. She finds inspiration in both traditional modes of landscape painting and more contemporary dialogues of abstraction, and uses intuitive processes and a personalized specific style of mark-making to created her works. For her, the act of drawing is a physical chronicle of an intimate relationship with the space in which she works. The work is the physical apprehension of an action, a memory, and an archetypal understanding of how we view and realize landscape.

    After many years traveling, wandering, and transplanting herself, Sarabeth moved from New Orleans in search of a more diverse and vibrant art scene, landing in Kansas City. Sarabeth’s work has been shown in New Orleans, Kansas City, Chicago, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and internationally in Paros, Greece. She is a co-founder of RAD school, had writing published by a 8 1/2 X 11 press, and has been granted residency fellowships for residencies in Massachusetts, Joshua Tree, Ohio, and rural Missouri. She is currently a studio resident at the Drugstore Studios in Kansas City.


    Andrew Erdrich is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, holding bachelors in Sculpture and Art History. Following school, Erdrich has been involved in many projects but is most notably known as the co­founder and co­director of BREAD! KC, frontman for the band Sneaky Creeps, and for founding and operating the music blog.

    Erdrich’s studio practice utilizes writing, video, drawing, and performance to address issues of communication and language. The skills and knowledge gained in his studio practice are used to teach narrative and storytelling to students within KCAI’s school of Continuing and Professional Studies.


    Brandon Forrest Frederick (b. 1988) is an interdisciplinary artist currently residing in Kansas City, Missouri. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography/Digital Filmmaking from the Kansas City Art Institute where he also received the Mentorship Award. In the past he founded the Roost, an alternative project space for artists and musicians to perform and create, and taught analog photography at an at-risk youth arts program called MyARTS. Currently, he works at an innovative non-profit art studio for adults with developmental disabilities called Imagine That! where he acts as the Outreach Coordinator. Additionally, he co-founded a regional fine arts photography non-profit organization Archive Collective, which was recently awarded an ArtsKC Inspiration Grant.


    Fredy Jose Gabuardy Montealegre was born in Boaco, Nicaragua in 1989. He movedto the United States after 2000. In 2006 he was accepted to Miami, New World School of the Arts. In 2009 he attended the Kansas City Art Institute with a full scholarship and graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. Fredy has exhibited his work in Miami and Missouri. His work has been reviewed in Artsceengallery space, the Lawrence and Kristina Dodge Painting Gallery, H&R Block Artspace and more. In 2015 Fredy was involved in the Charlotte Street Foundation Studio Residency in Kansas City. At the end of his residency Fredy moved to The Drugstore studios and is now continuing his research for the growth of his work.


    I was born in the Empalme De Boaco in Nicaragua. I moved to the United States when I was 11. From 2005-2009 I was accepted into the well-known magnet high school of New World School of the Arts (NWSA). In the years that followed I moved to Kansas City Missouri where I attended the Kansas City Art Institute with a full scholarship. I graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting. Right now all I care about is to live the life of a creator and to let it take me places. I’m not a starving artist, to me money is nothing more than material in the process of making art, and it is not the end result for my creations. My five principals are as follows: 1) I’m a creator 2) I’m healthy 3) I can accomplish anything 4) K is an amazing artist and the most beautiful being in the whole universe 5) My art has love and freedom.


    Madeline Gallucci received her BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2012 where she acquired a passion for image making and working collaboratively. As an artist with many audiences, Madeline’s work explores, dissects, and reinterprets our everyday environment by means of vibrant drawings, whimsical paintings, and digital prints.


    [This artist has no bio.]

  • AMOS LEAGER    |

    Amos Leager, aka King Of Herrings, is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in performance, music, comic illustration, written/spoken narrative, and sculpture. He uses these media to create mild derangements of consensus reality. He seeks to entertain.

  • ADAM LONG    |     adam long - instagram

    Adam J Long was born in Washington State in 1978. He studied photography in Los Angeles, California (BA), Sunderland, England (MA) and Hartford, Connecticut (MFA). His photographs have been exhibited internationally and are in the permanent collection of The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, The Hirsch Library – Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and the Colorado Photographic Arts Center. His photobook Kenwood Avenue traveled to various international exhibits in conjunction with the Fotobook Festival Dummy Award 2014. He currently resides in Kansas City, MO with his wife and three children where he teaches photography.

  • WHITNEY MANNEY    |     whitney manney - instagram

    A Kansas City, MO native, Whitney Manney graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2012 with a BFA in Fibers. With a desire to create art in a wearable format, Manney creates garments and textile designs under her emerging label WHITNEYMANNEY. Manney's work has been featured in InkKC, 435 Magazine, KC Magazine, KCTV5, KSHB's Kansas City Live and numerous art/fashion blogs. As a 2015 M-AAA Artistic Innovations and 2013 ArtsKC Inspiration Grant recipient, Manney has made an impact in the community through teaching partnerships with the HALO Foundation and various area schools. Her collections have been retailed at boutiques/stores, including Halls Kansas City and showcased in 10 local/regional shows including solo exhibitions at The Box Gallery & UMKC Gallery of Art, Kansas City Fashion Week, Saint Louis Fashion Week and Mulvane Art Museum at Washburn University. Creating a narrative between color and pattern is a signature of Manney's work, "My job isn't done until everybody in the world believes fashion is art"


    Melaney Ann Mitchell is an artist, curator, and arts writer based in Kansas City, Missouri. She is currently Founder + Editor in Chief of Informality, an online platform for documenting the conversation about Kansas City contemporary art and culture and is a Co-Director/Curator at PLUG projects. She was the Director of Subterranean Gallery from 2013-2016. Her curatorial, writing, and visual art practices all revolve around the intersection of our lives with the Internet and its affect on our online and offline identities.


    I received my BFA in 2010 from the Kansas City Art Institute in Interdisciplinary Art and Creative Writing with a Certification in Community Arts and Service learning. I am currently working as an independent artist in Kansas City and have exhibited my works and ideas in numerous places all over the world. My pieces are mainly generated by my interest in science, art, philosophy, color theory,...basically everything. I maintain a studio practice of experimentation and open-mindedness. In applying the sensibilities of science to art, I attempt to create a visual language that transforms my emotional-intuitive experiences into innovative installations and performances.


    I am a person who feels deeply about the beauty and mystery of life. I am motivated by difficult existential questions, and have a large appetite for the process of learning and understanding. I am a person who strives to practice compassion and believes in the power of transformation. I have an innate connection to the earth, planetary body and literal soil. I come from generations of peoples who have practiced a deep care and respect for the land. This sensibility and nature is innate to my character and creative identity. I was born to a Mexican Man and American Woman, my cultural identity is a part of my story. Both cultural sensibilities reside in my being and artistic practices-unfolding new traditions and inherited knowledge. I do my best to listen to wisdoms that have been passed on and let their accumulated presence guide me through life. I am devoted to my journey through the unknown. As I develop my voice, I will continue to share. As I continue to live, I will continue to create. I know no other, wish infinite.


    Dylan Mortimer graduated with a BFA Kansas City Art Institute and a MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York. He has created public art installations in several cities including New York, Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington. His exhibition history includes David Zwirnir Gallery in New York, Columbia University, The Longwood Arts Gallery in the Bronx, the Dumbo Arts Center, PS 122 Gallery in New York, the Kansas City Jewish Museum, and the Leedy-Voulkos Art Gallery in Kansas City.


    Cristina Muñiz was born and raised in San Antonio,Texas. After walking away from a partially complete painting major over twenty years ago, Muñiz enrolled in the Kansas City Art Institute and earned a BFA in 2014. She is also an alumni of Charlotte Street Foundation’s Studio Residency program. Each of Muñiz’s paintings contain heavily abstracted recollections of a combined past. Every work rests not entirely on a complete public understanding but a shared sense of the human experience and immersion into it.

  • ANDREW ORDONEZ    |     andrew ordonez - instagram

    Andrew Ordonez was born in Ft Worth, Texas (1991). He received a BFA in Painting from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2013. His interdisciplinary practice explores the nature of archaeological phenomena in a post-digital world. As a counselor in art education, Ordonez works with many students from the local Kansas City region and across the United States.


    Annie Raab is a writer living in Kansas City, Missouri. She earned her BFA in Sculpture and Creative Writing from the Kansas City Art Institute and spends her time writing and publishing fiction. She is the Senior Prose Editor at Kansas City Voices, an annual publication of art and writing. She also writes art criticism for the weekly newspaper, The Pitch. Annie has been published online and in print and is primarily interested in the short story format.

    A transplant of Milwaukee, Annie enjoys cities near water, bike lanes, animals, and traveling. She lives in a tree house.


    Kat Richards is an interdisciplinary artist that is currently based in Kansas City, Missouri. In 2016, she earned her BFA from the University of Kansas, primarily focusing in printmaking and soft sculpture. Her work reflects her interests in both how cultural values are formed and ultimately, what they truly represent. On the farm she grew up in Oklahoma, a sense of conservative traditional values and religion was a core common value between majorities of people. Using chance and play, she reintroduce the values and perception of where she grew up, perhaps to reveal a truth or create a new narrative.

  • ALEX SAVAGE    |     alex savage - instagram

    born . .'86 . '87
    lives in/near Kansas City
    usually worried but also fun
    either Harold or Alex


    As a photographer my body of work references the communities around me; my family and friends, strangers in public spaces, studio portraits, and found pictures become intertwined. Photography can be a strong storytelling medium and I aim to use it as such, often with playfulness as a bridge. We live in sensitive times full of sensitive topics, I employ a subtle, tongue-in-cheek sense of humor in an attempt to highlight important and normally polarizing themes to a broader audience.


    Yulie Urano is a first generation Japanese-American artist born and raised in Kansas. She attempts to realize and balance how these different qualities affect her art and identity. Her lineage has become the foundation of her identity, just as interlacing structures are the foundation of her work. Although not all of her pieces are specifically about her roots, they never cease to be apparent in her work.


    Minister of Information - Instagram    |     Facebook    |     Flickr    |     Blogger

    As much civil servant as artist, Don Wilkison’s work is informed from a scientist’s background. His research utilizes hydrology, chemistry, biology, and trend analysis to evaluate the effect of human endeavors on surface and groundwater quality. Working as m.o.i. aka The Minister of Information, he works in a variety of approaches and media, including collaborative public installations and interventions, experimental film, photography, print making, and sculpture. His civic engagements lie at the intersection of middle-class economics, progressive politics, and environmental science. His work uncovers how human actions intersect with the world and the sins of middle-class America; he seeks to drive questions to the forefront. Why do we see ourselves outside of nature? Why do we tolerate endless corporate marketing, economic disparity, injustice, and intolerance? The work lays the groundwork for conclusions through multiple lines of evidence, provides the public a template for navigating conceptual obstacles, and resists entrenched institutional and cultural indifference. His work is created with multiple entry and exit points so that universal, contemporary issues can be probed, deconstructed, and reimagined in a more positive light.