Interested in hosting your exhibition, event, or meeting at the Drugstore? 

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The Drugstore has a large front gallery area. It also has a multimedia room that is largely blacked-out, ready for a projector to be hooked up for screenings or performances.
Please give us specifics dates and times, including any needed set-up or tear down time surrounding the event.
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Will you need to modify the space in any way prior to, or during, your event?
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The Drugstore is a collaborative working environment that relies on community support. Your contribution will provide materials, tools and structural improvements for resident artists and contribute to the overall sustainability of The Drugstore and event space. A donation does not necessarily need to be monetary, we welcome donations in the form of trades, volunteer hours or labor.


Please note: As of March, 2017, the Drugstore is in a state of rehabilitation and repair. The Drugstore only offers one unisex bathroom and will need to be clean prior to any event. Anyone renting the space understands that are receiving the space AS IS, and that the Drugstore's recommendation of renting port-o-potties is a good one and will arrange for such at their own desire and expense.